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No, We Are NOT Ready! September 23, 2010

Posted by Sandra Dop in Education, Uncategorized.

My three oldest grandchildren started kindergarten this fall–in three different states.  The oldest has been online since she was about 21 months old–she told me how to text when she was 4; the youngest uses an iPod, and iPad, and a laptop.  Someone please give this generation a name besides Generation Z, which sounds too final–the children BORN in this century who have no recollection of computers that would crash on 12-31-1999 or even of 9-11, but whatever we tag them, they are “plugged in.”  Being connected, collaborative, and creative thinkers is in their DNA.  For the most part we are not ready–and I would like to submit that we need to admit that we will never be “ready” again.  We must continue to reinvent ourselves–continue to be future thinking–continue to push the envelope toward Next Generation Schools.  The push has to be top down; bottom up; and from all sides–AND from the inside out!  If every students is to succeed, then EVERY educator has to be asking the tough questions.  So what are the tough questions you are asking this week?



1. Kelly - September 23, 2010

Good thoughts. It is hard to know how to teach them when there is so much out there. I will keep working hard.

Sandra Dop - September 23, 2010

Well, of course, you have to teach them to read and write and do math, but perhaps the question should be how rather than what. Teach them so that they become more and more curious rather than less and less. Teach them so they learn to form questions rather than simply recite answers. Teach them so that they seek to collaborate more often than to compete. Teach them to be creative in how they collaborate to answer their own questions! Maybe we can become better at teaching that way if we become more inquisitive ourselves and seek ways to collaborate to answer our own questions.

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