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Reconneting and Flying Out! May 13, 2010

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Am I smarter than a fifth grader?  I am not so sure anymore!  And I spent 7 years in fifth grade–only one as an 10-11 year old.  I almost said only one as a student, but I have been a student all my life and I realize those years I spent in 5th grade taught me more than the kids learned.  Today the Van Meter students presented to the State School Board and I realized I had started this blog in January when they presented to the legislature and then never returned.  When I consider what they have done since then, I am shamed.  I can also say I have seen growth in the students who came today–more confident, more prepared,–granted they ahve done the presentation a few times now, but not having seen them for several months means I can see what those who see them every day may not–growth!

And here I am ready to fly to Finland tomorrow.  I hope to visit 2 to 4 schools while I am there.  I will then have something to write about. 

So why is it that adults think we have to have “something to write about” in order to blog, but students just blog? 

I hope you enjoy our trip to Finland and beyond.  I may even take you north of the Arctic Circle.